100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Ingredient: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Description: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.





  • Certified 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • OUP Certified Kosher for Passover and all year around
  • NON-GMO Project Verified
  • Superb Taste
  • Great for Cooking and Frying, Good for Salad Dressings
  • Hexane-Free
  • Vegan & Gluten Free.
  • No Additives or Preservatives
  • Excellent Source of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
  • Tolerates high heat up to 485 degrees Fahrenheit without losing nutritional value
  • One of the best tasting and lightest of oils,
  • De La Rosa Grapeseed Oil is ideal for baking, cooking and frying
  • Grapeseed Oil is also ideal for favorite salad dressing recipe or your favorite pastry
  • Expeller pressed Grapeseed Oil
  • Rich in Linoleic Acid
  • Packaged In (250 ml 8.4 fl oz.) colored glass bottles that are 100% recyclable; nonporous and impermeable, so there is almost zero rate of chemical interactions between glass packaging and products, ensuring our Grapeseed oil keeps its strength, aroma, and flavor

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