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Select an oil from our large selection of healthy natural oils to taste the difference it makes in your cooking and to benefit your health.
Get to know the personality of our variety of culinary oils so that you can choose the right one for your salads or your sautéing, baking and high -heat cooking.

Culinary oils are perhaps one of the most underrated foods in any kitchen. Each oil really does have a different personality and will bring different health benefits and tastes to any dish.

Few people truly understand the huge difference a high-quality, premium oil makes in their kitchen. Some oils should only be used in salads or as finishing oils while others have a high smoke point and are perfect for high heat cooking.

Choose Organic or Natural oils from our imported oils from Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Mexico, and more. Our gourmet culinary oils give you a versatile alternative to other cooking oils as all our oils are made ethically and without harsh chemical processing.

We take pride in delivering the purest and highest quality oils from farm to bottle. De La Rosa oils come in a large variety of flavors  and sizes so that we will have what you need when you need it for your home, a restaurant, or a manufacturer.

Purchase one of our gourmet culinary oil products today! Everything we make is Kosher, many are Kosher for Passover. All are healthy and made without harsh chemicals.

We have Organic and Natural Oils, oils made from naturally refined seeds (Sesame and grape seeds) and oils made from pressed fruits (Avocado and olive), Naturally made and – if refining is necessary – naturally refined without the use of hexane of chemicals.

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